Minimize Your Worry


Minimize Your Worry

In an article that appeared on, Marissa Levin, Founder and CEO, Successful Culture, identified several strategies that she says can “help you get control over your worrying.”

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To cope with your other worries, Levin offers these suggestions:

  1. Remember That Thoughts Are Not Facts.
    We create stories about the unknown that are largely based on emotion and wrong assumptions. Fear of the unknown causes us to exaggerate the worst possible outcomes.
  2. Change Your Attitude About Obstacles.
    We have complete control over how we perceive an obstacle. Do we see it as an opportunity for growth and learning, or do we see it as a barrier and potential disaster? The opportunity is always within the obstacle.
  3. Develop Greater Self-Control and Perseverance.
    Deciding to reject worrying takes discipline, and a high degree of emotional intelligence. It requires us to choose to not be ruled by our emotions. Speaking from experience, it’s difficult to master, but the benefit is peace of mind, which leads to increased productivity and greater joy.
  4. Create Positive Distractions.
    Engage in other aspects of life that bring you joy, so that the source of worry isn’t the only central part of your day. Seek out positive people and communities, and distance yourself from others that encourage or feed on your worrying.
  5. Create a Plan.
    Those who have extreme anxiety about the unknown may benefit from a plan of action that maps out ideas about what the future may hold.


“The greatest distraction for worrying about something in the future – something completely unknown,” she concludes, “is to focus on what’s right in front of you. By investing your energy, time, and heart in the Now, you are naturally preventing your worst case scenarios, and you are appreciating what’s real. And what can be better than that?”

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