Are you part of the 40% that worry every day about your future?


Are you part of the 40% that worry every day about your future?

Marissa Levin, Founder and CEO, Successful Culture, quoted Dr. Simon A. Rego, a cognitive behavioral psychologist who specializes in anxiety disorders, and the author of a Liberty Mutual Report on the consequences of worrying. in an article she wrote for Inc.

“’Consistent worrying can have both short and long term effects on your well-being,’” Dr. Rego said. “’Perhaps most simply stated, worrying is a behavior that steals joy, affecting sleep and decision making. It’s understandable to feel more overwhelmed when facing new situations but there are simple ways to contain worry to live a more fulfilled life.’”

“Worrying,” Levin said, “has several physiological effects as well.” The following were among the effects she cited:

1: It Drains Your Energy.
Stress from worry triggers an adrenaline-powered burst of energy. However, after that initial burst, it quickly drains you. Physically and emotionally, you’ll find yourself exhausted.

2: It Impacts Your Focus.
Worrying hijacks your brain and makes it difficult to focus on what is important.

3: It Wastes Your Time.
Have you ever spent an entire day worrying about something that “might happen?” At the end of the day, your situation hasn’t changed but you’ve lost valuable time.

4: It Causes Interruptions.
Have you ever had your internal fire alarm go off? You’re right in the middle of something important, when you suddenly remember your source of worry, and you’re no longer focused.

5: It Decreases Your Creativity and Rational Thinking
When you constantly worry, you tend to “lock on” to the first solution that comes your way. Your mind has trouble opening up, and you struggle to come up with new ideas.

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